Regal inspections in accordance to DIN EN 15635 and DGUV rule 108-007 (BGR 234)

We check your vendor-independent storage facilities and maintain a shelf inspection in accordance to DIN EN 15635 and DGUV rule 108-007 (BGR 234).

The regular production of a risk assessment (risk analysis) of the shelf systems by the employer is required by law. This must be done by a competent person.

Our trained and certified inspectors evaluate your shelf racking and record any defects found on the shelf under the inspection of damage classes in an inspection log. They give recommendations to remedy and to prevent future damage.

Rack inspection / testing bay during operation

The inspection shelf/shelf exam takes place during operation. The test include:

  • optically visible defects
  • approved and actual loads
  • Assembly and structural analysis
  • Safety in use
  • Safe use of warehouse equipment and assessment of damaged components

With a positive test result documented that an inspection sticker and a detailed documentation of the inspection bay.

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