SNI Nord – Rack inspection and rack repair

Inspection, maintenance and repair of rack systems according to DIN EN 15635 & the DGUV rule 108-007 (BGR 234)

We check your vendor-independent storage facilities and maintain a shelf inspection in accordance to DIN EN 15635 and DGUV Rule 108-007 (BGR 234).

According the shelf inspection duty under Euro DIN EN 15635 drive-in racking, drive-through racks, flow racks, shelving, cantilever racking, pallet racking systems and multi-storey by must be checked an expert (expert authorized) annually.

The inspectors of SNI-shelf north from Wildeshausen (Lower Saxony) are available nationwide as a competent and reliable partner in the rack inspection and maintenance of the rack to the side.

Rack inspection duty under Euro DIN EN 15635

As an independent inspector and a certified shelf, we are working on the basis of the operating instructions and the current EU standard.

As an employer, you need to create shelving units for a risk assessment. The rack system on this basis must be checked regularly by a competent person. Visual inspections carried out weekly or monthly and must be carried out by the security officer.

Regular inspections shelf at a distance of more than 12 months are required by law. This must be done by a competent person.

Visual inspections and audits

The inspection takes place during operation of the shelves in the warehouse. We carry out visual inspections for visible defects, damage and missing parts and review the approved charges and compliance with regulations and safety measures. We also offer the replacement of damaged parts on shelf (not part of the shelf-inspection).

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